Real Estate:
Al Salami Investment Group is a leading real estate company in the region. With extensive holdings and real estate projects and services catering to every business and residential properties.


Transportation investment can improve air quality and energy efficiency – Investments in clean vehicle technology, clean fuel technology, and congestion relief projects.

Our Telecommunications Company is a regional satellite provider mainly focused on Middle East and African market. The company is based in SA and distributes its
products and services.

Industrial and Commercial:
Developing and operating free trade zones dedicated to industries that cover ICT, Commercial projects, Education and Sciences. We anchor in to the Oil and Gas fields
to grow.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:
Healthcare,Medical equipemnts, Pharmaceuticals and Health insurance. The investment vertical covers a rapidly expanding portfolio of investments across the Middle East.

Wholesale and Retail trade:
II is the flagship of our Hospitality vertical. World-renowned, the Retail and Mall are the epitome of luxury and have won numerous international travel and tourism