Corporate Governance is the cornerstone of Al Salami Investment Group’s business and operations framework. Compliance with the principles of good governance starts with the Board of Directors. The Board is a balanced and diverse group of leaders and is independent and well equipped to carry out its functions as a governance body on behalf of the shareholders. The governance framework for risk is at an Executive and Board Level. At Al Salami Investment Group, we have chosen a framework that incorporates guidelines recommended by leading international and regional regulators as well as the prudent practices adopted by leading financial institutions. This comprises of a two tier system of Governance Committees comprising of members drawn from the Management Committee for the first tier and the Board of Directors as the second tier. This framework ensures that while accountability for decision-making at an operational level remains with functional specialists, executive management engages in cross-functional sharing of knowledge and expertise via these committees in a structured manner. This helps ensure that synergies are identified and efficiencies are optimized when decisions impacting the organization are taken.

Al Salami Investment Group recognizes that a strong commitment to a robust corporate governance framework is essential for its long-term prosperity. Accordingly, it has developed a comprehensive corporate governance framework which is modeled on international best practice and complies with all regulatory requirements.

This framework addresses the following:

Responsibilities of the Board and individual Directors
Terms of reference for each of the company’s Board Committees
Appropriate delegation of authority to Management
The company’s relationship with its shareholder
Internal controls, risk management and compliance functions
Rules relating to the appointment of external auditors
The company’s code of conduct
Share dealing policy applicable to Directors and employees.